Every machinist needs tools to layout his work and measure his results.  These instruments are of the finest quality for professional production work. Beautiful to look at and a pleasure to use, they will be used in the first and final steps in your milling or turning process.

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These micrometers measure all your parts from zero to 6" diameter with high precision. Each micrometer comes with a standard and the set is packaged in a secure and attractive box with special adjustment wrench.  For the true precision of round parts a quality micrometer is essential.

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For extremely fine measurements in both lathe and mill and for finding edges and centers, this test indicator is essential.  Graduated in 0.0001" ( one tenth) increments, this valuable tool will allow you to do setups in an extremely high precision mode.

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This 39 piece set contains all letters, numbers and special characters for you stamping needs.  Stamp names, dates or serial numbers on your cpmpleted projects.  Characters are 1/4" high. Stamps are made of hardened steel for precise marking and long life.  Comes in a plastic case.

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This set contains 33 pieces of hardened steel transfer punches from 1/16 to 5/8 diameter.  Use transfer punches to mark the center of a pre-drilled hole on a part laid out beneath.  Only a transfer punch can accurately duplicat a series of holes from one part to another.  The hardened steel shakn and punch points will last for a lifetime of work. Comes in a special holder with matching holes for each punch for easy reference.

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Designed for inspection and measurement of precise angles, these sine bars are made of hardened steel precision ground to  0.0002" square and parallel.  With the steel pins precisely set to distance, angle are determined by placing gauge blocks under one pin while leaving the other on the reference surface.