All the most popular end mills, drills, reamers, face mills, fly cutters and all other tools necessary for high quality milling results.  All cutters are designed for long life and maximum material removal.

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This set solves all your metric tapping jobs with a set of drills and corresponding taps from 3.5mm up to 10mm.  No searching for the proper tap drill as the drill and tap are held in corresponding holes in theis sturdy metal index.  Simply choose the drill, drill the hole then tap with the proper tap.

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These collets will fit a single ER 20 collet holder for fast changing of mills or drills without the necessity of changing the R 8 collet.  ER 20 holders are designed for millings speeds of 10,000rpm and are balanced and ground for extreme precision. Set comes in a fitted case to keep them organized for fast reference.

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This set comes in a nice fitted box and has 1/2"shanks. Each holder has a single replaceable carbide with 3 cutting sides giving you 9 cutters in the initial set. replacement carbides of various styles and materials offer you a choice for all materials from cast iron to aluminum.